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Hosts & Shows


Bryan Floyd

Weekday afternoons 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Join Bryan on the Fox Drive 2:00pm – 7:00pm.

A little about me? Where do I start?

29 years ago I came into this world. I wasn’t born, I spawned.

Floyd is Irish for ”Only Child”. My parents decided they got it right the first time therefore held off on having another child after producing the “Golden Child”.

My first and only marriage was when I was 5 years old to my pre-school sweetheart.


Grew up near that big lake in Toronto, working a bunch of dead-end jobs I absolutely hated. One day, woke up and decided I was going to chase down a life long dream, becoming a River Boat Gambler… when that failed I became a Radio Jock.


Somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, I would perform sportscasts and pretend radio broadcasts for my parents and their friends. Think I still have the tapes somewhere.


Co-hosted the high school morning show alongside one of my best friends as well as a local legend: Mr. Downtown Brown.

A couple years ago I decided to go back to school for Strip Club Management… Okay fine, it was Radio Broadcasting, though I distinctly remember there being strippers.

In all seriousness, think I was a little too old to grasp the whole “College Experience”. I actually went to school to learn about radio not keg stands. Hitting the books and studying, who knew such things existed?

Fast-forward once more to November 2011…

Ontario decided they’d had enough of me, I was shipped off to Alberta to work an afternoon radio show north of Edmonton. Gas was cheap, beef was delicious and horses scare me.

In a nutshell, I love the outdoors, good tunes and long weekends. Loves me my Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Raptors. I make words sound sexy. If you see me, buy me a drink. I like that!

Recent Posts

Life Tips You NEED to Know!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Banana can repair scratched CD's and DVD's

Banana can repair scratched CD’s and DVD’s

Read the Rest of the Entry

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KISS N’ Makeup? Not A Chance!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

The KISS saga continues… For the better part of three decades, the KISS “family” has been at each others throat. The once dynamic quartet of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss has turned into an all out battle of egos, worthy of elementary school status. In the latest episode of Simmons/Stanley Vs. Frehley/Criss, Ace has called out Paul as being “the sloppiest guitarist out there.” If this sounds childish… it’s because… well, it is. Granted, Ace was provoked by Paul who claimed Frehley lost the ability to play, saying “he threw away incredible potential and talent and got involved with a whole lot of things that really diluted and diminished his craft.” Obviously, these comments didn’t sit well with Frehley who then claimed Stanley was out of his mind and HE is the one who can’t play because “he’s more worried about jumping around.” In any event, this back and forth battle has really started to heat up again and while it may be a tad juvenile, it’s still fairly entertaining. At this pace, these rockers in mom’s makeup will be feuding well into their rocking chair years.

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Sneak Peek at NEW Pink Floyd Album

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Here’s a little sneak peek at Pink Floyd’s new album “The Endless River”. The album will mark their first in 20 years since 1994′s “Division Bell”

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Lunch Terrorist Prank

Posted on by bryan.floyd

This almost seems like an exchange that would be had between Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert on the show ‘The Office’. This is not only for those of us who’ve had our lunch stolen at work but for the hooligans who’ve stolen a lunch under desperate measures.
Scroll down and try not to wet yourself.
sandy7 sandy8
sandy12 sandy13
You’re welcome!!

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The Doors Jim Morrison Predicts The Future

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Footage of American poet, bluesman and all around rockstar, Jim Morrison was released this week in which he fairly accurately predicts the future of music… 45 YEARS AGO!!
Really begs the question… did a “naked Indian” come to Jim in his sleep? You don’t have to be a fan of today’s new music to have your mind blown by this.

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Another Park-Job, Another Public Shaming!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Let it be known that if you plan to park like a d-bag… someone’s likely going to shame you for it and possibly go viral in the process. Today’s latest episode of “park-job shaming” comes from a guy who decided to stop in for a bite to eat after a day of off-roading only to find a nice new Corvette taking up 2 prime spots right by the door. Was it too much to back up and straighten out? Maybe he was just pressed for time? Either way, it made for this hilarious public shaming video!

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First Look At NEW Pink Floyd

Posted on by bryan.floyd


Pink Floyd ‘The Endless River’ Cover Artwork

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Budweiser’s NEW Anti-Drinking & Driving Ad

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Pretty great anti-drinking and driving ad promoting responsible drinking. I mean, who wouldn’t want to come home to that little guy?

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Jack White Takes On The Foo Fighters & Rolling Stone Magazine

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Jack White went after the Foo Fighters and Rolling Stone magazine in a recording that’s surfaced from a recent show he played at Fenway Park in Boston. Jack really lays into Rolling Stone which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering some of the things they’ve written about him in the past. He also takes a shot at Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, basically claiming the band has a third guitar player to cover up mistakes.

The Foo Fighters fired back today via their Twitter
foo fighters

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Google Knows What You Did Last Summer

Posted on by bryan.floyd

You ever check a location on Google Maps… then hit “street view” and all of a sudden you see your friend, neighbor or uncle Bob taking out the garbage with his face burred like he’s some kind of convict. Then we celebrate and call uncle Bob, “uncle Bob… you’re famous”. Well it turns out, Google street view is not the only place they’ve been tracking you. Google has been tracking your every move though your smartphone, kinda like when Tom Cruise was trying to escape in the Minority Report. This whole thing is a little creepy and really makes you think… do I really go to McDonald’s that often?
As long as you’re using the same account as your smartphone, you can click HERE to see where you’ve been.

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