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Bryan Floyd

Weekday afternoons 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Join Bryan on the Fox Drive 2:00pm – 7:00pm.

A little about me? Where do I start?

29 years ago I came into this world. I wasn’t born, I spawned.

Floyd is Irish for ”Only Child”. My parents decided they got it right the first time therefore held off on having another child after producing the “Golden Child”.

My first and only marriage was when I was 5 years old to my pre-school sweetheart.


Grew up near that big lake in Toronto, working a bunch of dead-end jobs I absolutely hated. One day, woke up and decided I was going to chase down a life long dream, becoming a River Boat Gambler… when that failed I became a Radio Jock.


Somewhere between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, I would perform sportscasts and pretend radio broadcasts for my parents and their friends. Think I still have the tapes somewhere.


Co-hosted the high school morning show alongside one of my best friends as well as a local legend: Mr. Downtown Brown.

A couple years ago I decided to go back to school for Strip Club Management… Okay fine, it was Radio Broadcasting, though I distinctly remember there being strippers.

In all seriousness, think I was a little too old to grasp the whole “College Experience”. I actually went to school to learn about radio not keg stands. Hitting the books and studying, who knew such things existed?

Fast-forward once more to November 2011…

Ontario decided they’d had enough of me, I was shipped off to Alberta to work an afternoon radio show north of Edmonton. Gas was cheap, beef was delicious and horses scare me.

In a nutshell, I love the outdoors, good tunes and long weekends. Loves me my Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and Raptors. I make words sound sexy. If you see me, buy me a drink. I like that!

Recent Posts

Life Tips You NEED to Know!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Banana can repair scratched CD's and DVD's

Banana can repair scratched CD’s and DVD’s

Read the Rest of the Entry

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The World’s First Life-Sized Pizza Launcher!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

You may remember THIS popular Ninja Turtles toy from the 90′s which launched little plastic pizzas. Pizzas which can likely still be found under the carpet somewhere in my parents basement.ninja 90To promote Michael Bay’s new TMNT film, the Ninja Turtles have teamed up with Pizza Hut and brought the “pizza launcher” BACK! This time around, it’s life-size!
ninja pizza
The 12-foot-tall pizza launcher and it’s 16-foot rotating cannon will make it’s debut at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend. If you decide to make the trek to this years comic con, I highly recommend doing it with your mouth open. Prepare to have saucy, doughy, meaty, cheesy goodness launched right at your taste buds!

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Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Promises “Next Tour” In Latest Facebook Message

Posted on by bryan.floyd

In case you missed this a few weeks back, legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi who’s actually been battling lymphoma for the past few years posted a video on Facebook not only thanking fans for their support but almost assuring us that Black Sabbath aren’t finished yet!

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The Real Life Peter Griffin Exists… And He’s AWESOME!!!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Think I like Peter Griffin even better in real life! This guy looks and sounds exactly like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Some people are born to be actors, athletes, musicians, doctors… this guy was born to be Peter Griffin!

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Weezer Vs. Young The Giant: Who’s Catch Was Better?

Posted on by bryan.floyd

We all know about the EPIC Drum Battle that went down a few months back between Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and lookalike comedian Will Farrell. NOW… there’s a NEW battle. This time the duel is between Young the Giant and Weezer.
Last month, Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson made an unbelievable catch while playing the song ‘Beverly Hills’. Not only did Wilson catch the Frisbee, he did it mid-song without skipping a beat.

This past weekend, Young The Giant were playing at a festival in Michigan when a Frisbee came sailing in all the way from the back of the venue. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia made a jumping grab which was greeted by cheers comparable to Mario Götze’s game winning goal for Germany in Sunday’s World Cup Final.

Both catches are pretty impressive in their own way. The question is… who’s catch was better?

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Man Raises Over $50,000 To Make Potato Salad

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Now THIS is cool! In a move sure to go down in history books, Zack Danger Brown has raised over $50,000 (and counting) to make a meal which requires barely $10 in purchase costs (Potato Salad). Brown did this through Kickstarter which is typically used to raise money for projects. It would seem Zack’s “project” is one that people have taken pretty seriously. Brown set an original goal of $10 when he started the I’m making potato salad campaign. Word quickly spread like wildfire and he ended up getting support from now over 6,000 people in more than 20 different countries across the globe. With money still flowing in, thoughts are that this is going to be one huge and fantastic potato salad! The only problem being that Zack has never made a potato salad before. Thinkin’ with $50,000, he’ll have a lot of practice.
Check out the FULL Story HERE.

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How To Make The BEST Slip-’N-Slide EVER!

Posted on by bryan.floyd

slip n slide
In what can only be described as the most genius invention of all time, the “Slip-’N-Slide” is about to get a major facelift! You’re sitting around, mega bummed because there’s really nothing to do… until now! We should do this at Marathon Beach on Nipissing, who’s with me?!!
Here’s how To Make The BEST Slip-’N-Slide EVER!

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Canadian Albums Turning Legal Drinking Age

Posted on by bryan.floyd

ghetto astronauts
I might be a day late with this being as yesterday was Canada Day and the 147th birthday of our KD eatin’, Horton’s drinkin’, whiskey swiggin’, puck slingin’, touque wearin’, beaver pettin’, red, white and awesome country. There are a number of Canadian Albums celebrating big birthday’s in 2014. These albums turn the legal drinking age this year!
Matthew Good Band – Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts
A performer at this years Mattawa Voyageur Days and perfect example of Canadiana at it’s very best. While this wasn’t exactly the best album from Matt and the boys, it certainly was significant as it was the first release from the Matthew Good Band.

Sandbox – Bionic
Long before the cursin’, wrestlin’, boozin’, kitty lovin’, googly eyed character Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys was born… Mike Smith played a little guitar for the band Sandbox. Remember this one?

Age Of Electric – The Age Of Electric
The Canadian version of post-grunge, Age Of Electric had a short lived but fairly successful run in the 90′s before splitting up and forming “The New Pornographers” and “Limblifter”.

Econoline Crush – Affliction
The second studio album from the band who ran the circuit back in the 90′s. Their hard hitting rock sound lead them to supporting gigs with KISS, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Tea Party and 3 Doors Down. While the band was pretty big back in the mid 90′s, your memory of them is likely just about as grainy as this VHS recorded video.

GOB – Too Late… No Friends
Gob are just about as Canadian as they come. In fact… you could listen to their whole debut album while polishing off a bowl of Kraft Dinner and a Molson(Longest song on the album: 2:17). Their NEW album Apt. 13 hits stores August 26.

Tea Party – The Edges Of Twilight
This was the album that propelled the Tea Party into Canadian stardom. Frontman Jeff Martin along with his unique, almost Doorsesque sound launched the band into the mainstream picking up a bunch of Juno nominations, including “Best Rock Album” and “Group of the Year” back in 1995.

Alanis Morrisette – Jagged Little Pill
One of the iconic and groundbreaking Albums of the 90′s. Jagged Little Pill was more than just a rock or pop album, it was a giant “fist pump” telling people worldwide that chicks can rock… HARD!  It sold over 33 million copies across the globe and topped the charts in ten countries, including the UK, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and the Netherlands. It was nominated for 9 Grammy’s in ’96, winning 5, including ‘Album of the Year’! A washed up teen pop star turned Rock sensation, Alanis Morissette pumped up crowds back in the 90′s with a live stage show that even Kurt Cobain would be impressed with. (Six Degrees between Alanis Morissette and Kurt Cobain… Dave Grohl – former Nirvana Drummer and friend to Kurt Cobain formed the Foo Fighters back in 1994 – Taylor Hawkins who was drumming for Sass Jordan left to be the drummer for Alanis on Jagged Little Pill – Dave Grohl and former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith had a falling out in ’96 – Grohl called up Hawkins)

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Singing For Beer. How Well Do You Know O Canada?

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Meanwhile in Canada…
Canadian’s are singing for beer. Just ahead of Canada’s 147th birthday, Molson Canadian is challenging you to sing our national anthem. If you sing it properly, you get the sweet nectar inside the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge. Even though we all know the anthem, that’s a ton of pressure, especially on a hot day when you really need a cold one! So the question is, could you sing ‘O Canada’ without screwing it up? This commercial might make you think twice.

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Foo Fighters Turn Venue Into Giant Party With Rolling Stones, Queen, Van Halen Covers

Posted on by bryan.floyd

If there was ever any doubt that Dave Grohl loves Rock and Roll and his many adoring fans, this should settle it. The Foo Fighters played a near 2.5 hour set at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware over the weekend. Grohl came out on stage and said the band would play “until they tell us to shut the f**k up”… he kept that promise. Not only did they play a rockin’ set of Foo classics, they managed to turn the venue into one gigantic party complete with a singalong when they stopped their set to play a string of covers.

The band finally left the stage somewhere around midnight. How awesome would it have been to be at this show?!!

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