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High Holy Days Stop By The Fox Drive

Posted on by bryan.floyd

high holy days
High Holy Days frontman Marc Arcand and drummer Brian Finner stopped by the Fox Drive to chat about a new disc, new vision, tell a few secrets and talk about their BIG charity show in support of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign at Cecil’s Eatery & Beer Society tomorrow night!

Download [5:10] 7.4MB


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Gateway to the North becoming the “Gateway to the Universe” in early October

Posted on by richard.coffin

World Space Week1

Officials announce World Space Week activities for North Bay in October.


North Bay has launched their line-up for World Space Week in early October.

Mayor Al McDonald and Canadore President George Burton are co-chairs of the YYB North Bay World Space Week Committee.

They announced local events will take place October 8th through the 10th and will include an Industry Day, an Education Day and a Space Day for the general public.

MP Jay Aspin also announced $50,000 in FedNor funding to promote and market World Space Week and it’s related activities. Aspin says World Space Week will bring North Bay national attention which could lead to future development.

Download [0:12] 0.3MB


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Married by The Rock

Posted on by vicki.tyler

Some would say getting married was the best day of their life…some, not all.  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson just won weddings.  In addition to being an amazing football player, one of the most famous professional wrestlers, an awesome actor, and ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports’, The Rock is also a legally ordained officiant in California!  He put those skills to use recently in the ultimate wedding surprise!

Nickelback WANTED By Australian Police

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Nickelback, who was credited yesterday with having the most intelligent lyrics in the Rock industry is now WANTED by Australian police for “crimes against music.” The band’s “No Fixed Address” World Tour is currently making it’s way through the area and authorities in Queensland are on the lookout for men believed to be impersonating musicians, otherwise known as Nickelback. They’re warning residents to avoid the area as it may be “hazardous to your hearing and street cred.”
Whether you love OR hate Nickelback, this is pretty funny!

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(Update) 4 northern streets on CAA Top 10 Worst Roads list, but none in North Bay

Posted on by richard.coffin


Pot holesIf you think some of the roads in North Bay are in bad shape, it could be worse… Timmins owns the top two spots on the CAA Worst Roads in Ontario top 10 list.

Algonquin Blvd West is number one, followed by Algonquin Blvd East at number two.

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Letterman final Top 10

Posted on by vicki.tyler

Letterman gets some help with the final Top 10 from some familiar faces with the “Top Ten Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say To Dave”.


Nickelback Has Most Intelligent Lyrics In Rock

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Looks like we all owe Nickelback a big apology. According to a study of popular music, Chad and the boys have the most intelligent lyrics in Rock. There’s actually science to back this up!
Imagine the reaction from Nickelback fans looks a little something like this right about now…

So Chad, about those things we said… we’re sorry.

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NORAD training with fighter jets underway in the area

Posted on by richard.coffin

Air Craft

Fly by over the David L. Pitcher building at 22 Wing Canadian Forces Base in North Bay of a training exercise involving two CF-18′s and a Lear jet.
Photographer: Corporal Rob Ouellette, Reservist Image Tech, 22 Wing/CFB North Bay Image Section.

If you saw fighter jets flying around the North Bay area  on Wednesday, it’s ok, there was a NORAD interception and identification exercise taking place.

Officials say during the flight, NORAD-controlled fighter aircraft flew in close proximity to a civilian-looking aircraft.

They say the exercise is part of NORAD‘s continuous training to test responses, systems and equipment.

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David Lee Roth Buries Sammy Hagar at Billboard Music Awards

Posted on by bryan.floyd

Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth was asked this weekend at the Billboard Music Awards if he planned on playing any Sammy Hagar-era tunes during the bands current tour.
Roth responded to the question in a way ONLY David Lee Roth could.

In fairness, Roth isn’t exactly wrong. The band sold a whopping 57 million copies during the Roth-era as opposed to 27 million during the Hagar years. Still, that’s a little harsh David!
Question is, are you a bigger fan of Van-Roth or Van-Hagar?

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A Weekend of Summer Activities in North Bay

Posted on by drew.ferris

DIA logoPlenty of activities downtown over the Civic Holiday weekend.

They are all part of Civic Weekend Free-For-All presented by DIA Downtown North Bay

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